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September 12th

posted Sep 12, 2017, 6:36 AM by Molly Blake
Hello PTF folks!
I hope your school year is going great thus far.

Please make sure you come and join us for our annual Back To School BBQ at school on Thursday, September 14th starting at 5:00. It’s a great way to reconvene after the summer break and introduce ourselves to new parents and staff members at the school. The PTF will provide drinks, chips and other munchies as well as sausages, hot dogs and hamburgers for the grill. We are asking everyone to please bring a nut-free side dish, salad or dessert to share. This event is also a great way to sign up new PTF members to our group so please ask around at school to search out those new parents, guardians and community members at our school and make sure you invite them!

Please keep in mind that the soccer team is rather small this year and they could use some cheering on if you’d like to attend their games. The next home game will be on Wednesday starting at 4:00 at the Brooklin School against Blue Hill. The game schedule can be found on the Brooklin School’s website under “programs” and “athletics”.

Below you will find the minutes from our latest meeting. We have decided that future PTF meetings will be held on the 4th Tuesday of the month alternately at 6:30 p.m. and 3:15 p.m. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, September 26th at 6:30 p.m.

See you all at the BBQ,

PTF meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 7, 2017



Present: Allison Watters, Molly Blake, Brittney Carter, Paige Morse, David Bowden, Julia Baird, Jil Blake, Eden Cowart


Allison Watters proposes approval of minutes from August 2017; minutes approved.


Thank You Card-

Jil Blake, Julia Baird, and David Bowden sent a thank you card for our support with the funding of sporting equipment.


Requests for Funding:

David Bowden would like to be reimbursed for purchasing a new soccer net, 5 game balls, and 8 practice balls. Approved $500.


Julia Baird would like to get new goalie gloves for $25 and a new first aid kit for $45. Julia sent Allison Watters links for purchasing them on Amazon. Allison is going to place the order with the PTF card. Approved $35 and $45.


Julie Wilson is requesting $41 for four Slim Doodle Pro devices and a Dressing Frame for $150 for the Pre-K room. Approved $41 and $150.


Julia Baird is requesting $177 to reimburse her for items she purchased for her classroom. Her budget this year was made by a previous teacher and does not properly reflect the needs of her classroom. Approved $177. Julia will give her receipts to Jillian for reimbursement.


Julie Wilson is requesting $450 to have a washing station built in the classroom. There are now 18 students in the classroom with only one small sink. Since Julie wasn’t at the meeting we have asked Jil Blake to consult with Julie to come up with a firm price. Then Jil will see if it can be made with school budget money. If there is not enough money, then Julie may bring it back to the PTF. Pending.


Side note: Paige Morse asked Jil Blake to tell teachers and staff to first put classroom need requests to Jil, and if there is not enough funding in the budget, then bring it to the PTF.


Side note: David Bowden is going to ask 2nd and 3rd Graders to help with being ball girls and boys during games.


PTF projects/events:

Teacher appreciation week-

The breakfast went well and so did giving the teachers small bouquets.


Brooklin CAN-

Should we send out our survey with the Strategic Planning Committee's survey on September 15- October 16? We decided that the Committee's survey is too important and we don't want to bombard people. We will put ours on the website and send out an email at the beginning of October. Molly, Brittney and Ava Sealander will work to finalize and add examples to our CAN survey.


Back to School BBQ-

We purchased the items for the goodie bags- water bottles, meat sticks, erasers, tissues, hand sanitizer, lolipops, and Vitamin C powder.


Bianco Provisions is going to deliver the sausages, hamburgers, and hot dogs. Allison Watters is coordinating with them. Molly is going to check on the propane and table clothes. Allison Watters is going to purchase the buns, paper supplies, chips, and frozen lemonade. Jeff is going to make the incentive cupcakes for new PTF members. Parents should come by after school on Thursday if they are able to help set-up. Eden Cowart is going to put names on the water bottles.


Winter Wear Swap-

On October 13, during the parent teacher conferences, there will be gently worn winter clothes that parents would like to part with set up on tables in the foyer. Parents will be asked to bring in extra/unneeded winter wear during the week and we will sort them on October 12 after school. All unclaimed clothes after the swap will be given to the Girl Scouts to be donated where needed. Molly is the point person for the swap and will put a notice in the newsletter and on Facebook to get the word out.


Honor Roll Gifts/Certificates-

The PTF discussed the possibility of each month, each teacher choosing a VIP from their class who was an exceptional citizen. These students will be recognized in front of the whole school during Community Meetings and will also be given a small party/gift. Each month the reward will be different. PTF wants to help in any way possible, including purchasing the rewards. Jil will discuss this with teachers and develop the idea further.


Parent Directory-

Brittney Carter will draft a form and send it out for approval. The form will be put on the website, emailed to parents, and sent home with kids. We may need to put reminders in the newsletter a few times.


Mission Statement-

Molly feels it is vague and does not reflect all that the PTF does. We brainstormed some better wording and Molly is going to distill some of our ideas and send it out for us to work on.


New day for meetings

PTF meetings will now be the 4th Tuesday alternating between 3:15pm and 6:30pm. Allison will put something in the newsletter to reflect this change.


Next meeting will be on September 26th at 6:30pm.


Meeting adjourned at 5:10pm


Action Points-

Jil Blake          -Going to talk to Julie Wilson about the washing station

                        -Ask teachers to put classroom need requests to her first

                        -Talk to teachers about coordinating a VIP ceremony and reward



Molly Blake    -Finalize CAN survey

                        -Check propane and table clothes for BBQ

                        -Work grill at BBQ

                        -Point person for clothes swap- makeup poster and/or get the word out

                        -Rewrite mission statement

                        - Make super cute labels for the cupcakes for new PTF members


Allison Watters- Talk to Biancos about BBQ meats

                        -Purchase paper supplies, buns, chips and frozen lemonade for BBQ

                        -Purchase gloves and first aid kit on Amazon with PTF card


Jeff Carson      -Make incentive cupcakes


Brittney Carter- Work grill at BBQ

                        -Finalize CAN survey

                        -Make a draft of the Parent Directory form


Jillian Tripp     -Will write the check made out to the Brooklin School earmarked for the athletics budget for $500.


Eden Cowart   -Going to put names on the water bottles


All PTF members- Help set up for BBQ Thursday the 14th, right after school.


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