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posted Mar 20, 2017, 8:31 AM by Molly Blake
Hello everyone,
Here are the minutes from last night’s PTF meeting. There are a few dates to make sure you have on your calendar for this coming spring:

CLEAN UP DAY will be held on SATURDAY, MAY 6TH (with a rain date for Sunday, May 7th). This is an event where we all pitch in for a morning tidying up the school grounds. PTF will provide lunch.

The PTF YARD SALE will take place on SATURDAY, JUNE 3rd. We will be asking for your donations of unneeded treasures as well as your help setting and cleaning up after the event as June approaches.

The SILENT AUCTION and DANCE with local soul band, The Soulbenders will happen on Friday, June 9th at the Central Hall in South Blue Hill. We would love any items of value that we could auction for the event to be donated in the next several months.

Thanks in advance for your help with these events!


Brooklin School PTF Meeting Minutes from March 7, 2017
written by Allison Watters

In attendance: Allison Watters, Robyn Sealander, Jillian Tripp, Julie Wilson, Molly Blake, Halina Nawrot, Maribeth Carson

  • February’s minutes were approved.

  • Funding Request: We received a request from Vicki Hull for a full-day all-school workshop with local artist and author Rebecca Raye and Kim Ridley based on their new book, “The Secret Bay”. The workshop was approved for $1600. Other area volunteers will be brought in to offer expertise as well.

  • Soup/Chowder/Chili Challenge: the event went well and brought in $75. There seemed to be as many people (if not more) than last year but not as much soup. Next year we plan to not charge people who brought a soup, get more small tasting bowls, make a large soup in case there isn’t enough food, and bring more ladles. The ballot system worked well. We also plan on not having the event the weekend after school break because of a conflict with GSA basketball playoffs. We will also remember to advertise at Parker Ridge next year and have Louanne text parents a reminder the day of the event.

  • Treasurer’s Report: Jillian gave a report and that led to a discussion of how money moves from the PTF to the school. It was suggested that the PTF should reach out to the teachers to let them know how much money we have that we want them to spend on projects. We want them to think BIG and think outside the box when asking for funding. Maybe the PTF could make a presentation with lunch at a teacher workshop day?

  • Dutch Soccer Interlude/Sports Discussion: There was a discussion as to how we could best tailor our sports program to our school’s population in the future. In the short term there will likely be both track and little league offered this coming spring.

  • Clean Up Day was scheduled for Saturday, May 6th with a rain date for Sunday, May 7th.

  • Val Chamberlain, the grandparent of a Brooklin School preschooler would like to offer a tennis clinic for one day this spring. The PTF would like to encourage him to perhaps hold a weekend-long event or even a week-long tennis camp in the summer. Allison will invite him to attend a future meeting.

  • Yard Sale: Robyn Sealander and Brittney Carter will head up this year’s sale which will take place on Saturday, June 3rd. They were reminded to make sure and be picky about what they accept on drop off day and to find someone to take everything when the sale has concluded.

  • Silent Auction and Dance: The Central Hall in South Blue Hill has been secured and the band, the Soulbenders have been booked for the event which will take place on Friday, June 9th. Molly will begin organizing for donations to the auction.
  • 5K Fun Run: The PTF would like to continue the tradition of this event even though the teacher who usually organized the event is no longer at the school. Jillian and Molly will look at the route and Molly will talk to Healthy Peninsula about donating expertise and/or sponsorship. We tentatively scheduled the event for Friday, June 2nd.

  • Lego Club: Sharon Thoner and Brittney Carter are starting up Lego Club for younger students at the school this spring.

  • Summer Fundraising at ERR (Eggemoggin Reach Regatta): tabled until next meeting

  • Agenda Items for Tuesday, April 4th meeting: 5K Fun Run, Clean Up Day, Silent Auction, Tennis Clinic update, Fall Fundraising Run (perhaps during the “tall ships weekend”).