The mission of the Brooklin School PTF (Parent, Teachers and Friends) is to rally broad support for the Brooklin School. The PTF seeks to enrich the lives of students by encouraging open communication and cooperation among parents, administration, students and the greater community. The PTF will coordinate parent volunteers and provide monetary support for student extracurricular activities and teachers’ educational items not currently funded in the school budget.

Contact Information
VP: Brittney Carter
SECRETARY: Allison Watters
TREASURER: Maribeth Carson
Funding Request Form
If you are a teacher, staff or parent at the Brooklin School you can fill out this form to request funding from the Brooklin PTF.

Minutes from all of our meetings are stored HERE
Brooklin Backpack Program
The Brooklin School Backpack Program aims to provide a supply of nutritious food for children for school holidays and extended weekends, when school can not provide breakfast and lunch. Each food bag contains breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and serving or more of fruit and vegetables for each day of break. All food is provided to children free of charge. It is our hope these resources will support the health, behavior, and achievement of every student that participates. The Brooklin School backpack program is going to start by providing food for extended weekends and holidays. We hope to expand to be able to send food home every weekend. We understand that these matters are sensitive and the participants are not disclosed to volunteers. The only people have information about participants is their homeroom teacher and the head of the backpack program.
Though the program is intended to help those children whose families find it difficult to have enough food for the entire month, allchildren are eligible for this program. Information about the program has been sent home with children.
The program is run completely by wonderful volunteers who help pack the food bags. The program is funded through the Brooklin School PTF. If you would like to help up pack bags please contact We would LOVE your help!
If you would like to OPT-OUT of this program you can fill out a form right HERE.


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