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Question: Whats up in art? Answer: LOTS

posted Mar 24, 2017, 11:37 AM by Sarah Doremus
K/1 are making sandwich books.
2/3 collaborated with Mary Cassatt to create these.  We cut a print of Mary Cassatts work up into squares and painted those squares on canvas then made checkerboard using both our painted sections and the print.
4/5 have been working on designing swords and building them.  This will be in conjunction with a visiting artist, John Lincoln, teaching the students dramatic sword play.
swords in production.
6/7 are molding their hands/face in alienate and casting in concrete  adding a tube and water pump, then making a mosaic backsplash.
The end result being small water fountains.
Bryces spitting water fountain backsplash pre grout.
mason's pre grouted backsplash.Mason's backsplash pre grout
8th grade has started working on individual projects.  The educator Sir Ken Robinson speaks to teaching a subject with an eye on what the student is already inspired by.  So if a student is focused on say, soccer, you teach art using a soccer related project.
Here Franklin is making a free kick obstacle to use in soccer practice.  He is learning how to design and cut out dummies and mount them to stands so the are portable and durable.
Jade is designing jewelry(rings) out of found objects and copper learning jewelry making fundamentals.  Here are two rings ready to be soldered and filed.
  Check out Sir Ken Robinson's TED talks on Creativity For
 more on this.