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January 30 through March 10 some art, and a lot of snow.

posted Feb 17, 2017, 2:24 PM by Sarah Doremus

K/1:  We learned about grecian urns and built  them, first with cardboard then plaster and painted with the colors of terra cotta, black and white but instead of ancient scenes we did contemporary.
2/3 We finished our elves and placed around the school and created riddles for clues and had an elf hunt with the school for a POD activity.  Our next project we learned about opaque, transparent and translucent and built lights.  One for home and one for Ms. Hull's classroom.
4/5  Still working on Kinetic toys.
6/7  and 8 We have started a lesson on negative positive space and are making drawing with exacto knifes and card stock and light.