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posted Nov 6, 2016, 8:10 PM by Sarah Doremus
week of Oct 31 to Nov 4
K/1 Painted their monkey stick frame.  A monkey stick is a musical instrument originating in Australia which consists of a branch wildly painted with percussion pieces attached, usually found objects(bottle caps, tin lids etc.) and balanced with a boot nailed to the base.  We will continue this project next week by adding on the foot and starting the percussive parts.
2/3 used clay to create animals they wished existed but don't(a one footed purple squirrel)  First they drew a sketch then attempted to make the clay representation.
4/5 Finished their kinetic pictures.
6/7 finished kinetic pictures.
8 worked on their animal head trophies.  Constructed of a cardboard structure with a plaster cloth skin.