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Creativity or creative thinking informs all we do.  Developing the ability to think outside the box or rather create a different box helps performance in all other curriculum areas.  Along with tradition art activities our art program uses STEAM activities to that end.  We challenge students to take risks and make mistakes in order to develop confidence and encourage experimentation.

It's the week before the vacation, OH MY.(trying to figure out how to rotate image)

posted May 1, 2017, 8:50 AM by Sarah Doremus   [ updated May 1, 2017, 8:51 AM ]

K/1 students learned about texture and created a texture wall piece.

2/3 Could't see the forrest for the trees.  So we made decorative trees in Kadinsky style with colorful leaves and cardboard trunks.
4/5 Students were given a box-o-candy and asked to draw in pencil their hand holding the box and create an op art wild colored background.  Given it is pre-vacation they were allowed to keep candy if eaten in moderation.
6/7 having to hold off on finishing fountain we started portraits that we detailed with tissue paper collage.
8 students have been working on their individual projects 


posted Apr 7, 2017, 10:03 AM by Sarah Doremus

K/1 finished their sandwiches.
 and created image stories.  these are stories dr
aw around a single image given to the children.
2/3 created cloud paintings in conjunction with their lessons on weather in Mrs Hull's class.
 they also were given a piece of paper and a squiggle and asked to create something.  The following show what they created (the squiggle is in sharpie)

4/5 continued with swords and shields
6/7 cast body parts, made mosaics and grouted for fountains.
8th grade critiqued their life maps


Question: Whats up in art? Answer: LOTS

posted Mar 24, 2017, 11:37 AM by Sarah Doremus

K/1 are making sandwich books.
2/3 collaborated with Mary Cassatt to create these.  We cut a print of Mary Cassatts work up into squares and painted those squares on canvas then made checkerboard using both our painted sections and the print.
4/5 have been working on designing swords and building them.  This will be in conjunction with a visiting artist, John Lincoln, teaching the students dramatic sword play.
swords in production.
6/7 are molding their hands/face in alienate and casting in concrete  adding a tube and water pump, then making a mosaic backsplash.
The end result being small water fountains.
Bryces spitting water fountain backsplash pre grout.
mason's pre grouted backsplash.Mason's backsplash pre grout
8th grade has started working on individual projects.  The educator Sir Ken Robinson speaks to teaching a subject with an eye on what the student is already inspired by.  So if a student is focused on say, soccer, you teach art using a soccer related project.
Here Franklin is making a free kick obstacle to use in soccer practice.  He is learning how to design and cut out dummies and mount them to stands so the are portable and durable.
Jade is designing jewelry(rings) out of found objects and copper learning jewelry making fundamentals.  Here are two rings ready to be soldered and filed.
  Check out Sir Ken Robinson's TED talks on Creativity For
 more on this.

January 30 through March 10 some art, and a lot of snow.

posted Feb 17, 2017, 2:24 PM by Sarah Doremus

K/1:  We learned about grecian urns and built  them, first with cardboard then plaster and painted with the colors of terra cotta, black and white but instead of ancient scenes we did contemporary.
2/3 We finished our elves and placed around the school and created riddles for clues and had an elf hunt with the school for a POD activity.  Our next project we learned about opaque, transparent and translucent and built lights.  One for home and one for Ms. Hull's classroom.
4/5  Still working on Kinetic toys.
6/7  and 8 We have started a lesson on negative positive space and are making drawing with exacto knifes and card stock and light.

We're BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted Jan 6, 2017, 12:17 PM by Sarah Doremus   [ updated Jan 6, 2017, 12:43 PM ]

Kindergarten/First grade started making Grecian urns/kylixs and the like.  Starting with looking at the form of the vessel and learning how to fold paper to make a symmetrical drawing, the students cut out a template and transferred to cardboard.  We then cut the cardboard.  Next week we will make three dimensional renditions and decorate.

second/third grades made aluminum foil people in various positions and plaster cloth coated them.  Next week we will decorate and hide throughout the building.  The following week we will create riddle quizzes to hand out to the school community for a savager hunt of our little people. 

fourth/fifth grade started making wire design structures to use as shadow makers on the wall.  Next week we cover in string then place in hall with light to reflect the image on the wall.

six and seventh grade started making larger than life cardboard heads.

Eight grade finished up their trophy heads and I was contacted by the art editor at the paper who saw them on my Facebook page and asked if she could do a story on them. SO buy next weeks Ellsworth American!

Winter tree with lights and decorated with our donated gifts for Emmaus House

posted Dec 13, 2016, 1:14 PM by Sarah Doremus

6th  and 7th grade created a holiday  tree made with snowshoes and decorated with the donated supplies for homeless shelter.  

 8th grade worked further on animal head trophies. 
4/5 worked on collage  line drawings and enlarging those drawings readying for painting.
2/3 Worked on wampum necklaces.
K/1 did landscape and transportation on their community project.

artsy smartsy

posted Dec 9, 2016, 12:11 PM by Sarah Doremus

Monday the school went to UMaine Orono and saw a performance of Bike Punk.  Great fun!
K/1 continued with our community project, advancing today to landscape.
2/3 discussed Wampum and made beads to next week string with seed beads and found objects.
4/5/6/7 Started a project that will continue for three weeks first step was to draw a background of pattern and collage a human/animal hybrid image from magazines.  Next week we will create line drawings of what we collaged and the week after enlarge and paint the drawings.
8 continued on with trophy heads

the earth without art is just eh!

posted Dec 2, 2016, 12:05 PM by Sarah Doremus

Week of Monday the 28th thru Friday December 2nd.
K/1 Monday using shadows as a starting point, the students drew images as they saw them in the shadow.
Tuesday K/1 started on their community project with Ms. Asbury and Ms. Sarah in art room.  more to come....
2/3 Monday we learned to make origami boxes Tuesday we used triangles to understand shapes and design.

4/5 Continued work on the tessellation wall Monday and Tuesday Drew line drawings of portraits by Frieda Kahlo and the Mona Lisa of Di Vinci.

6/7 Monday worked on fusing plastic bags to make fabric. 
Tuesday Drew line drawings of portraits by Frieda Kahlo and the Mona Lisa of Di Vinci. These drawings are going to be used by artist Katy Helman to make router prints on wood at an upcoming residency she is attending in Florida.  The results will be shared with the entire school population when this collaboration is complete.  Possibly an art show will result
8 grade continued work on their amazing trophies.

Adventures in Art

posted Nov 23, 2016, 6:20 AM by Sarah Doremus   [ updated Nov 24, 2016, 8:15 AM ]

This short week in the art room saw a lot of progress.
K/1 finished their monkey sticks. See Facebook posting.   They also experimented with marbling paper.
2/3 made Kandinsky circle( inspired felt color circle designs and marbled paper
4/5/6/7 started fusing plastic bags and materials to make cloth to make small toiletry bags for our donation drive and marbled paper.
8 continued working on their plaster impregnated cloth animal head trophies.


posted Nov 6, 2016, 8:10 PM by Sarah Doremus

week of Oct 31 to Nov 4
K/1 Painted their monkey stick frame.  A monkey stick is a musical instrument originating in Australia which consists of a branch wildly painted with percussion pieces attached, usually found objects(bottle caps, tin lids etc.) and balanced with a boot nailed to the base.  We will continue this project next week by adding on the foot and starting the percussive parts.
2/3 used clay to create animals they wished existed but don't(a one footed purple squirrel)  First they drew a sketch then attempted to make the clay representation.
4/5 Finished their kinetic pictures.
6/7 finished kinetic pictures.
8 worked on their animal head trophies.  Constructed of a cardboard structure with a plaster cloth skin.

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