Boat Building

    For 16 years a rite of passage for the eighth grade class at the Brooklin School has been to spend the school year working with area craftsmen to learn boat building. Volunteers from local boat yards and the community spend a couple of hours each week working with the students from the class to help them gain skills in wood working, show them how a boat is built, help them learn the challenges, skills and rewards of working on a long term project.

    Over the years a wide variety of boats have been built, from double paddle canoes to skiffs to skin on frame kayaks. This year the class is being taught by Mike Moros and Keith Claybaugh. They are building two stand-up stitch-and-glue paddle boards. One of these boards will be auctioned off in the spring. The proceeds will help fund their class trip to Boston.

Paddle Board Progress

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After many months of cutting out pieces, planing, stitching, and glueing, the paddle boards are really beginning to take shape!

Brooklin Swag

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Paddle Board Progress

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The 8th graders continue to transfer patterns, cut out, and glue up parts and pieces of the two paddle boards they are building.  They can't wait to begin stitching and glueing the pieces together.  
Don't miss out on the chance to win one of these boards.  To purchase tickets, get in touch with one of the 8th graders, or call the school.

Parts and Pieces of a Paddle Board Under Construction

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Some 8th grade students have begun to transfer the paddle boards lines, while others are working on glueing up the skegs, or building the cradles for the boards.  Mike and Keith are doing an awesome job coordinating this process.  We would like to thank Steve White, of the Brooklin Boat Yard, for the donation of plywood for the boats.

Busy Brooklin Boat Builders

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The 8th grade students have started their year-long boat building class with Mike Moros from Wooden Boat and Keith Claybaugh from the Brooklin Boat Yard. This year they will be building two paddle boards, one of which they will be raffling off this coming spring. Stay tuned for progress and how to purchase raffle tickets.

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