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Vernal Pools, Puddles and Mud- Oh MY!

posted May 10, 2017, 10:51 AM by Julie Wilson
We encourage students to bring and wear boots for our excursions around our school. (We do have a few "extra" pairs of boots on hand.) Even if your child doesn't want to wear or bring their boots to school, please bring them in. We are happy to store them here so that when we want to walk to the garden or to the woods we will have the appropriate foot gear. From the garden to the nature trail, there is lots of standing water. In an effort to keep our classroom tidy, all muddy shoes and boots stay in the hallway. Another solution is to store a pair of inside shoes (crocs or other gym appropriate footwear) at school, so if your child's 'outside shoes' get muddy, they will have a dry option. 

When we visit the nature trail, there is much discussion around the concept that we are actually visiting someone/something else's home (or habitat). Emphasis is placed on leaving living things to grow ~which means leaving moss on the rocks, looking (but not picking) flowers, leaves, moss, etc.