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posted Nov 14, 2016, 10:06 AM by Julie Wilson

Brooklin Pre-School News   September, 2016
We have had a wonderful start to our adventures in Pre-School. Mrs. M and I have completely enjoyed getting to know each of your amazing children! You may begin to hear one of our favorite songs:

Five Little Monkeys

Swinging in a Tree Teasing Mr. Alligator

“You can’t catch me” Along came Mr. Alligator

Jaws open wiiiiiiide
“SNAP” One little monkey, deep inside....

Before we continue the song, we figure out how many monkeys are left.... And to the delight of the children, they are able to answer “FOUR!” before I can count backwards to 4... with those “sneaky math brains”!

Snack update
The school provides a morning snack for all students. So that everyone has 
the same offerings during morning snack, please do not send in personal snacks for your child.

Due to a severe nut allergy in the building, all lunch and snack items need to be nut- free. Please check granola bars, fruit bars and other snacks for ingredients. Snacks that “May contain traces of almonds, pecans, walnuts and peanuts” will need to be enjoyed at home.

We are asking families please bring in a nut free, non-perishable snack to keep on hand: sunbutter, graham crackers, goldfish, pretzels, rice cakes, etc.

We will also post a sign up sheet for families to choose a day to bring in a perishable snack item ~enough to share with 10-12 pre-school students.

We are excited to begin food preparation activities such as washing fruits and veggies, and spreading our own sun butter on crackers.

Pre-School drop off starts at 8:00 am. Parents may wait with their students on the bench or on the playground until our classroom is open.