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Themes of Community and Friendship

posted Oct 4, 2017, 3:31 AM by Julie Wilson


We have read a few select chapters of Charlotte's Web during class; and while the book does also introduce the circle of life (including Charlotte's death) we here in Pre-K will not be focusing on those chapters. Our readings from the book have given us many opportunities to discuss how friends talk to each other, the importance of greetings (Salutations!) and of course the joy of giving a compliment. (Have you heard how wonderful you are lately?) 

It may seem strange that one of our classroom ground rules is that we have "one person" works, and that only the child who has chosen that work may have hands on the work. This practice prepares children to respect each other's work at school, so when they go on to their next classroom they will be respectful of each other's work. Just as it isn't ok for a third grader to scribble on her classmate's work, in Pre-K we learn that we only color on our own paper. 

We have some wonderful citizens in our classroom, and it continues to be such a joy to spend time with each of them!