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posted Nov 14, 2016, 10:19 AM by Julie Wilson

Brooklin Pre School News  September 29, 2016

Be Kind… Be Safe

Some of the biggest learning we do in pre-school is social learning. Modeling and practicing kind ways of giving word messages is very important work. We have had fun role playing different situations that commonly cause hard feelings, and we all agree that when the word message is kind, everyone feels happier.

Ask any of the children what is number one way to “be safe” and they will (hopefully) tell you,

“Stay with a teacher”. Other ways we are safe at school: we only use “helping hands” at school, we keep our hands and feet off other people, and we don’t do pretend gun play, ninjas, etc.  When we do explore on the trails around school, sticks stay below our belly buttons.


The school provides one snack option each morning. Children may choose to eat the “school snack” or eat something from their packed lunch box. Our classroom expectation is that children are sitting at a table while eating or drinking, and that they will participate in tidying up after themselves. “Let’s be sure to leave this spot tidy for the next friend” is a phrase heard often in our classroom.

Apples Apples Apples

In the next few weeks we will begin doing some food prep and projects that require APPLES!  Let Ms. Julie know if you can bring in some apples so that we may plan accordingly... although we really can’t have too many apples, since we love to use the peeling gizmo that Ms. Jean left us!

The Missing Mrs. M

As you may have noticed, our beloved Mrs. M has been out this week due to an accident that has resulted in a broken bone. We are awaiting word from Mrs. M (and her doctor) about when she can return back to school. In the meantime we are fortunate to have some very caring substitutes in her place.


While we all agree that sharing is important, it is also important that children are able to explore classroom materials without the added complication of negotiating the complicated task of “sharing”.  In our classroom we have introduced a few works that are for “one person”. Paper-snipping is a one person work that allows the child to focus on the isolated skill of using a pair of scissors. We will begin to identify toys and activities better suited for 1 or 2 children, and help children create an understanding that waiting for preferred activities is part of being in a classroom community.

Wish List

As our pre-school keeps growing, our classroom keeps changing!

Child-Sized tables and Chairs

Please keep an eye and an ear out for anyone who may be looking to re-home child-sized tables and chairs. Smaller tables will open up space in our classroom, and give us more flexibility to arrange our work spaces.  

Large rug

We  are in need of a larger rug to serve as our central meeting area. Ideally I am looking for an oval rug 8’ x 11’ or possibly 9’x12’.

Dish cloths, wash cloths, fitted crib sheets and regular or king sized pillow cases.

Any gently used items are welcome! We use wash cloths to tidy up spills, so we can never have enough clean ones on hand! I would like to try using crib sheets on the rest mats and pillowcases to keep rest items clean and organized.

No School on Friday October 7 for

Teacher Workshop day