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Scholars at work!

posted Jun 5, 2017, 10:20 AM by Julie Wilson
Pre-K students are working hard in our classroom - no "end of year fatigue here!"  There is lots of story telling and writing happening, which is great! One of my favorite quotes from a four year old in a previous classroom, "I can't read chapter books, but I can write them!" When children create their own books there is an obvious connection for that child to that book. This is an exciting milestone in literacy, as it demonstrates the child's understanding of the value of the written word. 

A favorite math work can evolve into a game. Here one student is matching numerals to corresponding number of stones.
Another student has asked to join, and he has agreed. She covers her eyes, and he switches two numerals- so that a two groups of stones have an incorrect numeral above them.
She must then try to figure out which numerals are not in sequence, and correct them!
This is a great indicator of a student's mastery of numerals (symbol and sequence), 1:1 correspondence, and the most important (in my opinion) is the ability to work with another student in an academic task! Skills needed to be in a cooperative learning community are: the ability to ask for and receive help in a kind way, as well as the ability to offer and give help in a kind way; sometimes this means accepting a "No thank you" in a graceful way when a friend wants to try to figure something out by themselves!