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October 25

posted Nov 14, 2016, 10:32 AM by Julie Wilson   [ updated Nov 14, 2016, 10:33 AM ]
 Ship, Boat, Pirate, Ocean, ...

Brooklin Pre-School News 10/25/2016

Last week’s news:

We were able to get out on the yellow trail three times last week, and revelled in how we could see AND hear falling leaves. Our exploration of trees continues: what has fallen from the trees and the parts of the tree. We focused on finding tree roots on the paths and were very intrigued at the trees that have blown down and have exposed root balls taller than we are!IMG_0566.JPG


Cosmic Kids Yoga

If you’ve been hearing about Popcorn the Dolphin at home, it’s because we have been enjoying time on our mats with Cosmic Kids Yoga. Our favorite yoga story is Popcorn the Dolphin. You can also enjoy Popcorn and other yoga stories at home- check out YouTube Popcorn the Dolphin.


On Friday we had two volunteers from the Brooklin Fire Department come to school. We saw what a firefighter looks like in full gear. The students were able to ask questions and share what they already knew about fire safety. Afterwards, we took an up close look at their truck.




Exploring our five senses…  Our exploration object on Monday was clementines. Each student was given a clementine. Can you hear a clementine? Can you see a clementine? How does a clementine feel? (rough, smooth, hard, soft) Before the clementine was peeled- can you smell the clementine? Can you taste the clementine? It was super fun to compare and discuss the difference between the scent and taste of the clementine before and after it was peeled.

This week we will continue in our discussions and observations about fall. We will begin to discuss hibernation and migration. We would welcome any books your family may have to lend us on animals hibernating or migrating.


On Saturday, October 29th is the Monster Round- up. We are counting down the “sleeps” until this much anticipated event right here at our wonderful Brooklin School.

Monday, October 31st at 2:00 we will be joining the Brooklin School Halloween Parade. This is a fun annual tradition that I am so excited to experience! We will be marching down to the General Store, where the new owners will be greeting us with treats. Our school band will be playing, and all students are welcome to wear their costumes to school. Please remember NO masks or weapons are allowed in our classroom or on the playground.

Mitten, Winter, Christmas ...Thumb in the thumb place ~ Fingers all together This is the song   ~  We sing in mitten weather

We plan to be outside everyday (except for rain and extreme cold). Please be sure to send your child with warm clothes. Once snow is here, students will need inside shoes and boots.  Slippers with a non-skid tread or crocs are great so that we can keep snow and boots in the hallway. Please label your child’s outerwear so that all gear makes it back to your home… we have some permanent markers available so that you may label items here.

Please be on the look-out for any outgrown gently worn 4T/ 5T snow pants, boots and mittens to donate to our classroom for student to borrow during recesses.

We may not always feel friendly; however we will continue to speak kindly, and be safe to ourselves and others.

Part of getting along is knowing how to handle ourselves when we are frustrated or grumpy. One of our biggest challenges and successes this month has been giving word messages to each other when feeling frustrated. When a friend yells, “NOOOooO!” we try to learn “what is the message” that child is trying to give?  I will ask, “What would you like your friend to do differently?” and prompt, “Instead of saying NO- try to tell your friend what you would like them to stop doing, or what you would like them to do differently?” (“Please don’t take the last puzzle piece” or “Please stop poking my arm” or “Please stop yelling.”) It’s a pleasure and privilege to be a part of these important social experiences. The students love puppet shows and role-playing different social scenarios ranging from: how to agree to the rules of an imaginary play game to “please don’t call me that, please only call me by my name”.

Kit, Bless You, Medicine, ...

Sharing is caring, except when it’s germs!

Pre-school classrooms are notorious for the sharing of all illnesses. We encourage children and adults to “catch your cough or sneeze in your elbow”; and to wash hands frequently.

Please follow the school guidelines for communicable illnesses:

~Fever-free for 24 hours (without tylenol or ibuprofen)

~If your child is on an antibiotic- they need to have taken it for 24 hours before returning to     school. Teachers at school are not authorized or allowed to administer antibiotics.

Vikings, Ship, Sailing Ship, ...

Brooklin Pre-School

Fall 2016