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November 8, 2016

posted Nov 14, 2016, 10:38 AM by Julie Wilson

Brooklin Pre-School News

Greetings! After many weeks of anticipation it looks like our official school website is up and running. I have been struggling to raise my tech-savvy skills so that I may include as many photos of our students in my newsletters as I can, since we all know a picture is worth a thousand words! I am collaborating with Mr. Moss to create an on-line classroom photo album for ALL the pictures we have taken of our busy explorers.

My goal is to update our classroom blog frequently, with the hope that I will be posting current lessons at least twice a week.

Last week’s news:

It was wonderful to be a part of the Halloween parade and to enjoy a stormy concert by our middle school band at the general store.

We explored the game Chutes and Ladders by: counting to 100, practicing how to spin the spinner, and taking turns moving one game piece through the chutes and ladders.  By collectively moving only one character we ALL won, and we all practiced moving  the game piece one square at a time, in proper sequence. By eliminating the challenge of being the first one to the finish line, we eliminate the ugly accusations of “cheating”.   (I personally do not believe children this age are trying to cheat- and I do not use that word in my classroom; I will focus more energy on “how to play fair so that the game feels fun for everyone”.) Learning the mechanics of playing a board can become more complicated by the issue of winning or losing.  When a child struggles to spin the spinner, she may be motivated to make it spin super fast, and feel displeased if it spins weakly, so she may keep spinning until she is pleased with the result. In this instance, I thank the other children for being patient, and encourage the child who is struggling to spin the spinner. Often the other children will join in the encouragement and truly be happy when the child is able to master the spinner.

IMG_0653.JPG  IMG_0655.JPG


When the older grades are not using the gym, we are able to enjoy this very special place.  





Nocturnal and Diurnal Animals….

We continue to enjoy discussion and books about animals who wake up at night and go to sleep during the day. Students are also showing higher levels of concentration as they do matching works featuring nocturnal and diurnal animals.




We have found a really fun placeIMG_2976.JPG

to enjoy morning snack!

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Please remember: Enjoy candy at home, not at school. Students bringing a packed lunch from home are encouraged to eat their lunch before enjoying dessert items. Candy is not considered a part of a healthy lunch, and students will not be allowed to eat candy in our Pre-School program.

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