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New works

posted May 18, 2017, 10:20 AM by Julie Wilson
We have some new and exciting works in our classroom; one of these works is the lowercase moveable alphabet. We are finding all the letters in our names, as well as creating our own words and making high frequency words and rhyming words.  
We are working towards mastery of matching letter sounds to the letter symbol, and are becoming experts of identifying rhyming words as well as identifying the first and last sounds we hear/say in a word. 


Another new work is our puzzle map of the seven continents..... and yes, the children WILL knock your socks off when they use the word continent, or tell you that Asia is the largest continent!
A new favorite is the three part matching work that features a picture and name of each member of our classroom.
This work requires some careful planning and organizational skills. First the child lays out the control card (has a photo and name); next the child matches the photos, then the name. One of our reading students matched photos to names without a the control card as a tool! Pretty awesome!