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I Think You're Wonderful

posted Dec 4, 2016, 8:28 AM by Julie Wilson

Social learning is perhaps some of our most important work in Pre-School. A student's understanding and ability to navigate the classroom community is an integral part of future academic success. In Pre-School we practice how to give messages in a kind way, and how to accept messages with grace.  There has been great growth in our classroom since September in our ability to problem solve and give word messages.  We role-play and model ways to resolve issues in a kind way, and encourage students to work independently when it feels tough to collaborate.  When two or more students are attempting to play cooperatively with duplos or blocks, I observe and listen to how the children are negotiating the play scenarios. I often hear phrases such as: "Well, I am using this red piece- but I can help you find another red piece", or "I can use blue if you want the red piece".  

One of our favorite morning "greeting" activities is:  "Hello, handshake or a hug". When introduced to this activity, children were simply encouraged to say "Hello" to each other. Each child an opportunity to walk around the inside of our circle and offer a hello and a handshake to everyone at morning meeting. Some children opted out of giving handshakes, and chose to wave their hello; while others wanted to give and receive hugs as a greeting. We often enjoy listening or singing a song during our hellos, and a favorite is "I think you're wonderful" by Red Grammer. I have included links to either cut and paste, or perhaps these will become "hot links" once published. (Thank you in advance for your patience as I learn to navigate the magical worlds of technology and internet.)

Link to hear Red Grammer's original version:

I Think You're Wonderful, Red Grammer - YouTube

Link for video:


Upcoming Events:
Mark Your Calendars:
Thursday, December 15th the Brooklin School will be hosting an Open House at 5:15, followed by a Holiday Concert at 6:00pm.
Pre-school students are practicing a few seasonal songs to sing at the concert! 

Friday, December 16th- Early Release- Pre-School pick up begins at 1:15

Please be sure your child has a spare pair of dry clothes in their bathroom cubbie. We are working to replenish our classroom "extras" supply with hand-me-down/gently used: socks, pants and leggings (sizes 3T- 5T and 6).. 

Check-in, conversation, and conferences
I can always be available for check-ins and conversation to address any questions or concerns. I am also happy to set up a time to discuss questions or concerns in a private setting. In the next few weeks I would like to establish a Pre-School e-mail group. To join this e-mail group, please e-mail me at: If I have previously communicated with you via e-mail, I will add you to the group. If you would like your e-mail information to remain private, please indicate that in an e-mail to me. Thank you!