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Hey Diddle Diddle the Cat and the Fiddle!

posted Nov 27, 2016, 5:06 PM by Julie Wilson
We have begun our exploration of nursery rhymes. The children love to recite different rhymes together at our morning meetings, and enjoy story re-telling with objects. In the "work" pictured above, the child has successfully organized each phrase of the rhyme in proper sequence by following the pictorial cues provided on the cards. Students in our classroom are excited to perform the rhyme with the objects to peers and teachers. Children have also enjoyed creating their own books to "read". 

 Scarlett is matching each page to the control chart to create her booklet. (Only teachers use the stapler)
By giving the students the "task" of sequencing the pages in their own booklets, each student feels a sense of accomplishment by matching the pictures. Perhaps you have heard your child use the phrase "sneaky reader"; I use the term "sneaky reader" when a child has either memorized or correctly guessed a word. When the children are "reading" their booklets, I have noticed that all our students are showing great book handling skills: holding the book right side up, starting at the front and turning pages gently.  As a teacher, this is such a wonderful sight to see, since these are all benchmarks important to future reading success. Our pre-k students are enjoying books in a meaningful and productive way, and are building comfort and confidence with books.