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posted Apr 30, 2017, 8:41 AM by Julie Wilson
This week we explored lima and kidney beans. We poured beans into bowls, and students described the qualities of the beans: hard, shiny, smooth, white, red, etc. We read about how beans grow, and then we started our own bean experiment. Each student chose two beans, wrapped them in a moist paper towel and placed it all in a ziplock bag. We  taped the bags of beans to the windows of our classroom and are hoping we can observe the roots and shoots grow! 

As part of another experiment, we added water to  bowls of beans, and observed over the course of the day that we needed to keep adding water to the beans. Students observed that the beans were getting wrinkly, and some noted that the beans were getting bigger. We soaked the beans overnight and the next day we were able to "dissect" the beans. 
Since the beans had soaked over 24 hours, the seed coat slipped off easily. Students were able to locate and identify the other parts of the seed:
root, shoot and the food supply.