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100th Day of School

posted Mar 9, 2017, 1:22 PM by Julie Wilson
On the 100th day of school we made a classroom number chart, which has become a favorite activity for some of our math focused students. 
We practiced patience and using encouraging words while taking turns glueing each numeral to our chart. It did take quite a long time to complete, but we have grown our attention and concentration levels considerably since the beginning of the year! Of course, this was a "challenge by choice" activity, as other centers were open to students. 

Another favorite 100's activity is placing 100 gems onto a numbered chart. Students love the "jewels" and feel very proud to show us their work once they have placed all 100 gems onto the board. Of course, once all those gems are counted, they do need to go back in to the box to "get this work ready for the next friend".