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Welcome to Brooklin School Pre-K!  
We are learning the skills to be successful at school: Cooperation, Safety, Kindness and Independence. 

Themes of Community and Friendship

posted Oct 4, 2017, 3:31 AM by Julie Wilson


We have read a few select chapters of Charlotte's Web during class; and while the book does also introduce the circle of life (including Charlotte's death) we here in Pre-K will not be focusing on those chapters. Our readings from the book have given us many opportunities to discuss how friends talk to each other, the importance of greetings (Salutations!) and of course the joy of giving a compliment. (Have you heard how wonderful you are lately?) 

It may seem strange that one of our classroom ground rules is that we have "one person" works, and that only the child who has chosen that work may have hands on the work. This practice prepares children to respect each other's work at school, so when they go on to their next classroom they will be respectful of each other's work. Just as it isn't ok for a third grader to scribble on her classmate's work, in Pre-K we learn that we only color on our own paper. 

We have some wonderful citizens in our classroom, and it continues to be such a joy to spend time with each of them!

Pre-K is on Bloomz

posted Sep 16, 2017, 9:59 AM by Julie Wilson   [ updated Sep 16, 2017, 10:09 AM ]

For more pictures of all we do in Pre-K, let Ms. Julie know you'd like to join our Bloomz classroom online! It's super easy to stay connected with your child's classroom on your smartphone or other device. Let me know if you'd prefer to sign up using your phone number or e-mail address. If you prefer to e-mail me with questions or concerns, my address is:

Mark your calendar!

posted Sep 10, 2017, 2:51 PM by Julie Wilson

Pre-K follows the whole school calendar for early release dates, with one exception: Pre-K Dismissal on early release days is 12:00 noon. 

Noon Pre-K dismissal dates for 2017:
Friday, September 22
Friday, October 13 (parent/teacher conferences)
Friday, November 17
Friday, December 8

No School dates for 2017:
Friday, October 6   Teacher workshop day
Monday, October 9- Holiday
Friday, November 10- Holiday
Wednesday, November 22- Vacation Day
Thursday, November 23- Holiday
Friday, November 24- Vacation
Monday, December 25- Holiday / Vacation week

Ready for Pre-K

posted Aug 30, 2017, 6:57 PM by Julie Wilson

Free photo: Welcome Aboard, Sign, Greeting - Free Image on Pixabay ...

                            ✔    Set of clean clothes to keep at school

                            ✔    Clean, inside shoes

                             Paperwork to Louanne

                             Paperwork to Julie

                                  CDS Screening Authorization

                                            Parent Contact Sheet

                                            Child’s page for Our Classroom Friends Album

                             Opt In or Out of the Parent Snack Program


                  Rest items: small blanket, crib sheet, small stuffed animal

                        (all rest items need to fit in the school provided storage cube)

                    Water bottle with name written on it

Scholars at work!

posted Jun 5, 2017, 10:20 AM by Julie Wilson

Pre-K students are working hard in our classroom - no "end of year fatigue here!"  There is lots of story telling and writing happening, which is great! One of my favorite quotes from a four year old in a previous classroom, "I can't read chapter books, but I can write them!" When children create their own books there is an obvious connection for that child to that book. This is an exciting milestone in literacy, as it demonstrates the child's understanding of the value of the written word. 

A favorite math work can evolve into a game. Here one student is matching numerals to corresponding number of stones.
Another student has asked to join, and he has agreed. She covers her eyes, and he switches two numerals- so that a two groups of stones have an incorrect numeral above them.
She must then try to figure out which numerals are not in sequence, and correct them!
This is a great indicator of a student's mastery of numerals (symbol and sequence), 1:1 correspondence, and the most important (in my opinion) is the ability to work with another student in an academic task! Skills needed to be in a cooperative learning community are: the ability to ask for and receive help in a kind way, as well as the ability to offer and give help in a kind way; sometimes this means accepting a "No thank you" in a graceful way when a friend wants to try to figure something out by themselves!

New works

posted May 18, 2017, 10:20 AM by Julie Wilson

We have some new and exciting works in our classroom; one of these works is the lowercase moveable alphabet. We are finding all the letters in our names, as well as creating our own words and making high frequency words and rhyming words.  
We are working towards mastery of matching letter sounds to the letter symbol, and are becoming experts of identifying rhyming words as well as identifying the first and last sounds we hear/say in a word. 


Another new work is our puzzle map of the seven continents..... and yes, the children WILL knock your socks off when they use the word continent, or tell you that Asia is the largest continent!
A new favorite is the three part matching work that features a picture and name of each member of our classroom.
This work requires some careful planning and organizational skills. First the child lays out the control card (has a photo and name); next the child matches the photos, then the name. One of our reading students matched photos to names without a the control card as a tool! Pretty awesome!

Save the Dates!

posted May 12, 2017, 9:45 AM by Julie Wilson

Friday, May 19th - Teacher Workshop/ No school for Students
Friday, May 26th - Early Release- pick up begins at 1:15
Monday, May 29th- Memorial Day/ No School
Friday, June 2nd-   Fun Run/ 5k begins at 12:30
Saturday, June 3rd ~Brooklin School Yard Sale~
Friday, June 9th ~PTF Silent Auction and Dance with the Soulbenders 
Thursday, 15 or Friday 16- PRE-K BEACH DAY. We need drivers- please sign up in our classroom.
Thursday, June 22 at 2:00 in our classroom: End of Year and Rising to K Celebration! Come watch a video of our year  
                                   together, and wish our rising Kindergarten students good luck! 
Friday, June 23rd- Last Day of School/ Early Release. We will be participating in the Field Day activities;
                                   pick-up time is at 12:00 Noon.

We have sign-up sheets for volunteers and participants for the Fun Run, Beach Day  and End of Year Celebration Day in our classroom. We will need signed permission slips for students to participate in the Fun Run and Beach Day. For Beach Day- all students will need to be dropped off WITH a car seat. No seat=No Go. More info as we get closer to the day!

Vernal Pools, Puddles and Mud- Oh MY!

posted May 10, 2017, 10:51 AM by Julie Wilson

We encourage students to bring and wear boots for our excursions around our school. (We do have a few "extra" pairs of boots on hand.) Even if your child doesn't want to wear or bring their boots to school, please bring them in. We are happy to store them here so that when we want to walk to the garden or to the woods we will have the appropriate foot gear. From the garden to the nature trail, there is lots of standing water. In an effort to keep our classroom tidy, all muddy shoes and boots stay in the hallway. Another solution is to store a pair of inside shoes (crocs or other gym appropriate footwear) at school, so if your child's 'outside shoes' get muddy, they will have a dry option. 

When we visit the nature trail, there is much discussion around the concept that we are actually visiting someone/something else's home (or habitat). Emphasis is placed on leaving living things to grow ~which means leaving moss on the rocks, looking (but not picking) flowers, leaves, moss, etc. 

Sneaky Readers!

posted May 8, 2017, 4:50 PM by Julie Wilson

Students worked on shape books and then enjoyed reading them to each other, and to Ms. Louanne! Being excited about books and feeling successful sharing their books builds the confidence and enthusiasm students need to become readers. We are very fortunate to have older students come to our classroom to read to us, and this past week we even had the chance to learn how to play board games with some 1st graders.

One of our Pre-K students practicing story re-telling with great confidence and pride!


posted Apr 30, 2017, 8:41 AM by Julie Wilson

This week we explored lima and kidney beans. We poured beans into bowls, and students described the qualities of the beans: hard, shiny, smooth, white, red, etc. We read about how beans grow, and then we started our own bean experiment. Each student chose two beans, wrapped them in a moist paper towel and placed it all in a ziplock bag. We  taped the bags of beans to the windows of our classroom and are hoping we can observe the roots and shoots grow! 

As part of another experiment, we added water to  bowls of beans, and observed over the course of the day that we needed to keep adding water to the beans. Students observed that the beans were getting wrinkly, and some noted that the beans were getting bigger. We soaked the beans overnight and the next day we were able to "dissect" the beans. 
Since the beans had soaked over 24 hours, the seed coat slipped off easily. Students were able to locate and identify the other parts of the seed:
root, shoot and the food supply. 

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