Disguise a turkey project

posted Nov 15, 2016, 9:35 AM by Angela Bishop
Each student will have an opportunity to creatively disguise a turkey and "save" him from the Thanksgiving table. Author Wendi Silvano writes about a character named Turkey, who tries to save himself from the farmer's dinner table by disguising himself in different costumes. 

Dress your turkey up using materials you have at home. Think about how you can hide Turkey from being caught and eaten at Thanksgiving. Turkey's life depends on it! 

I encourage you to search "Turkey Trouble" and/or "Turkey Claus" on Youtube to watch and listen to the stories read aloud. Students have heard these stories at school already, but it might help to jog their memories and get the creative juices flowing as you all think about a disguise for Turkey. 

Remember, be creative and have fun working together! Return your completed turkey by Thursday, November 17.

 Turkey hiding in a leaf pile.
 Turkey dressed as a candy cane.
 Turkey in a pumpkin.