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Reading Update

posted Dec 2, 2016, 2:05 PM by
This week we finished our book, Out of Nowhere. The students seemed to enjoy this book. We all wondered how and where the characters ended up. The Somali family leaving under cover of darkness, with no forwarding address or "good by" to anyone.  The main character missing his soccer buddy and friend and wondering where he was and how he was doing. Hoping to meet up again someday.

A very exciting week. We listened to some amazing poems written by members of our class. We entered some of those poems into a poetry contest sponsored by Creative Communication, on December 1st. These amazing writers deserve to be read and enjoyed my many more people than just their classmates. We will continue to search for venues which will showcase our writers. Stay tuned.

The Middle School writers wrote 224,154 words in one month! Truly astonishing!  Well done everyone!