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Reading and Writing Update

posted Dec 23, 2016, 12:48 PM by
We continue to read SEEDFOLKS.  A lovely collection of very short stories of characters who are connected by and to a plot of land in the middle of Cleveland. Each character represents a  culture, nationality, ethnicity, gender which together make up this community.
We have discussed immigration both legal and illegal, changes in the ethnic groups in a city over time. The different ways in which the characters lives, who have been introduced so far, are interwoven whether they realize it or not.

The sheer talent in this writing group is astonishing. I continue to receive amazing poems. Just when I think we have reached the pinnacle of excellence, another poem comes in which tops it. I encourage every student to write each day.

The class was introduced to Khan Academy Grammar. We all began with nouns, identifying different kinds of nouns and working through a series of mini- quizzes to get to the overview. Once this is achieved, the student can move on to the next subject area. They will be assigned one section per week. The purpose is to review grammar which the students may have forgotten, a refresher course for many and introduction into new aspects of grammar for others. 

This does not replace the vocabulary work. Both are important for a well rounded reader/writer/student.