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We have Begun Our New Book!

posted Nov 23, 2016, 11:56 AM by
We were all so excited to begin reading our new book, A Night Divided.  It is so fantastic to observe students excited about reading. The first quotation in the first chapter is one by Nikita Khrushchev, so naturally that required some research and discussion - including the banging of his shoe! What I love about reading is the opportunity to discover things about history, culture, geography, commerce, art,  the list goes on and on.  To the students it seems less about actually reading than it does about researching areas each individual student is interested in. The result is a great deal more reading than just the few pages we accomplish in class. A win-win situation in my opinion. This book is going to be great. 
We begin on Monday developing our "wall." Check out the progress when you come into our school. 

Students are beginning to get into the routine of handing in homework daily. They are doing quite well and love getting their work back the same day.  That way we can address any issues each is having before getting too far into the chapter.
Next week the chapter, chapter 6, is about parts of words. It doesn't look like any vocabulary they have studied before. They are puzzled by the prefixes and suffixes but actually, these word parts are very important to know. I use the method of looking at words and breaking them apart to identify the "root" so students can apply this knowledge to words they don't know. As I always say to them, "You know more about this word than you think." The intent is to de-mystify "new" vocabulary and replace it with confidence in attacking a new word.