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Weekly Update from October 21, 2016

posted Nov 3, 2016, 6:22 AM by Rebecca Tapley   [ updated Nov 3, 2016, 6:22 AM by Benjamin Moss ]


6th grade students have been mastering the art of multiplying and dividing decimals. Both grades have been exploring ratios and rates. We've explored activities on, finding different rates of sugar in cereal and also using ratio tables to tile a room. 7th graders have explored proportional relationships and how that connects to graphs.

Looking ahead, both groups will be continuing their work with proportions and connecting that to percents.


We are continuing to read poetry and enjoy the unique ideas that poetry can bring. Students have 20 minutes of their "right to write" each day, which they take quite seriously. This is also the time that I conference with them, finding their unique strengths and areas where they need to improve. We are diving into their memoirs now, too, as well as beginning work with grammar. Students have an ongoing assignment of writing for 20 minutes in their journals each evening, as well as working on an ixl grammar skill. If internet is unavailable, the ixl skill can be worked on in the morning study hall.

Social Studies

Students will work on several ongoing assignments for the next few weeks.

History: Library of Alexandria / Ancient People biography

Geography: Country presentation / PenPals

Current Events: Viking News article writing


We are reading A Long Walk to Water  by Linda Sue Park.

This week we have discussed the presence of refugee camps in Kenya. The main character in our book walks from Somalia, eventually arriving in Kenya with groups of other displaced persons in search of safety and family members.

We discussed where camps were located, how they functioned, if they were successful, and if they were necessary.

We also discussed the need for charitable organizations to assist people in need worldwide. Each student selected at least one organization to investigate what percentage of donations actually went to the people who needed the help. We discussed how operating an organization costs money and fundraising also has a cost. Also we discussed the difference between for profit and non-profit organizations.

Next week we will chart and compare world organizations from the point of view of percentage of donations going directly into the hands of those who need the assistance. We will also look at the work these organizations do world wide. Each student will share information on their chosen organization.  


Students received their vocabulary book today, Friday. Over the weekend students are expected to look at the words for the upcoming week. There are 4 pages per week. Monday will be to discuss the first 2 pages in class. Tuesday students will complete the third page. Thursday they will complete the 4th page. Friday there will be an assessment of the week’s work. That result will become part of the grade for the trimester.


Students recently completed a unit on how we classify living things. They learned about the six kingdoms (animal, plant, fungus, protist, bacteria, archaebacteria). Last week, they started projects to illustrate the different types of symbiosis. We’ll be practicing our naturalist skills in the coming weeks that will include studying the writings of Henry David Thoreau. Students should bring a piece of fabric that is about 10” by 13” for making the covers of their nature journals that we’ll be making..