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Reading Update

posted Nov 4, 2016, 2:04 PM by   [ updated Nov 7, 2016, 6:54 AM by Benjamin Moss ]
6th and 7th Graders have been very busy in reading.  We completed our book, The Long Walk to Water.  It was amazing and everyone liked or loved it - that in itself is an accomplishment!  

The students completed their project comparing Charitable Organizations which they each selected based upon their particular interest. The results are on the wall in the Middle School wing hallway. 

Reading is not an isolated activity. We integrate math, science, art, politics, culture, religion , history, geography, music and writing into our "reading.".  You will see some of that integration in the Comparison of Charitable Organizations. 

Next week we will be having a guest speaker, who has first hand knowledge of Ethiopia, refugee camps in that area and charitable organizations. It will be exciting  to see actual photos of that area, look and touch artifacts from the area and hear personal experiences with the country, and people.

Largely because it was Halloween, we read The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. This was recommended by an 8th grade student. We all learned a great deal about ravens. The result of our findings is on the wall by the entrance to the STEAM room. Take a look. If Mr. Moss is around, ask him to play "the music!" Very scary. You also must "LIFT ME," you won't believe just how heavy a Common Raven is. Cy  found a rock which weighed exactly 4 lbs - the average weight of a raven. 

Today we began to research our next book choice, The Night Divided by Jennifer A. Nielsen.  A suggestion by a classmate in our class. This book is set in Germany in the 1960's. It deals with the impact of the political decision to divide Berlin on the citizens in that region. 
We discussed the graphics, the dedication and photographs which depicted barbed wire. We came across barded wire in our previous book and when the students were out on the Nature Trail with Mrs. Bebell, they found a piece, brought it to me and it is now in my office.  We will use it in our next project.


Everyone did really well in this weeks vocabulary, Chapter 2. The schedule of 10 minutes or so each night seems to be working nicely.