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A Day In the Life of a 4th or 5th Grader

posted Jan 31, 2017, 1:59 PM by Amy Bebell

Monday marked the halfway point of the school year! The routine has evolved a bit since September, so this is a great time to share what a typical day looks like.

7:50 Morning meeting

After putting their things away from recess and signing in for lunch and snack, everyone gathered in the classroom library, where we settled in on the giant purple beanbag and pillows. It was Jessie, Eben, and Mrs. Bebell’s day to share, and we ended up talking about eyeglasses and video games for a little while!

8:15 Spelling

Everyone came back to their seats and had a spelling test and a pretest to find words for each student’s personalized list for next time.

8:50 Poetry

The class read “The New Colossus” with Mrs. Bebell and discussed the history and symbolism of the ancient Greek sculpture known as the Colossus of Rhodes and the Statue of Liberty.

9:20 Snack

Once we wrapped up a lively poetry discussion, everyone had a break while they ate their snack. Kids were offered Goldfish crackers as the day’s free snack from the kitchen. Some days we like to play hangman while eating snack.

9:30 Art

In art class with Ms. Sarah, students started a new project. They brainstormed ideas for their kinetic sculptures, in which they will use gears and cranks to make their sculptures move.

10:15 Spanish

The class has been learning about Mayan art with Mrs. Richardson and finished the paper masks they have been working on.

11:00 Lunch and recess

After a lunch of chicken burgers and potato wedges, the fourth and fifth graders went outside for recess.

12:00 Math

The students are working on division with Mrs. Tapley. They practiced with worksheets and online using Front Row. One trick they use to remember the steps of long division is to sing this song:

12:50 Science

The class finally finished filming their videos about recycling. There were three groups were scattered around the building, where they found different quiet spaces to film in. Watch for the edited versions online soon! 

2:00 Story

Usually Mrs. Bebell makes time to read aloud to the class as an afternoon break before they head to Social Studies. But on this day, we had a surprise visit from a friend earlier in the afternoon, so everyone took a break then to spend a bit of time with her. Currently, we are reading Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, which is a delightfully fun pirate adventure that imagines how Peter Pan became magical.

2:15 Social Studies

Mr. Moss has been teaching the students how to use Adobe InDesign to edit graphics, and the students researched ancient Roman water systems to find content to focus their projects on.

2:55 Pack up

Everyone came back to the classroom to pack up and get ready for dismissal. Two 4/5 students got dressed for their last home basketball game with the A team, and everyone else got ready to go home.